Angela & Troy
"Club Panties"

Angela is drop dead gorgeous and loves Troy's big bamboo. This home movie takes place right before they go out to the club for a night of dancing. Troy wants some pussy ...
Time: 20 min 46 sec
Download Size: 47.5 mb

Dwayne & Marina
"Oral Hygiene"

Marina brushes up on her oral skills. Dwayne doesn't want any halitoses of the cock so he makes her brush her teeth before he gets them dirty again. Now she may have to floss too.....
Time: 33min 39 sec
Download Size: 77.0 mb

Shawna & Daryl
"Spin Cycle"

Daryl is just trying to get some laundry done when Shawna sneaks up on him with the camcorder and makes a horny request. She gets up on the washing machine and gets licked..
Running Time: 23 min
Download Size: 52.6 mb

Victor & Tina
"Backyard Bang"

They saw our ad to purchase home video and desperate for dough, they made their very own. They make great use of their parents car and RV while Mom and Dad are away..
Time: 24 min 2 sec
Download Size: 27.1 mb