Morgan & Yvonna
"The Lingerie Show"

Morgan & Russel get to fuck another one of their friends while catalog shopping. Russel is ready with the cam when he takes Yvonna from behind and Morgan fucks Yvonna with a strap on....
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Adrian, Bill & Lana
"Fuck My Hubby"

Adrian invites her friend Lana over to share her husband with her. Lana gets licked and fucked by Adrian and her strapon while she sucks Bill's cock, and then Bill gets his turn and fucks.
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Lisa & Nikki
"Tub for Two"

Lisa & Nikki are more than just roommates, they are lesbians. Lisa decides that a romantic bath on camera is just what they need and bring on the waterproof dildo in this loving scene.
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Karen & Eric
"Bathtime Blow"

This hot couple sent us this home movie of Eric intruding on Karen's quiet bath. She doesn't stay clean for long though cause Eric has something in mind and it's not washing her back ...
Time: 18 min 01 sec
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