Angela & Troy
"Club Panties"

Right before they go out to the club for a night of dancing, Angela shows off her new panties. Troy decides he wants some of that and he fucks her til she can't get up to go out after.
Time: 20 min 46 sec
Download Size: 47.5 mb

Ronnie & Garrie
"Latenight Snack"

Late one night after the club, Garrie sets up a simple tripod at the end of the bed and then there was nothing stopping him from rocking Ronnie's world over and over, and over.....
Time: 19 min 40 sec
Download Size: 45.0 mb

Jeff & Lori
"Home Moaner"

Watch Lori moan as her boyfriend laps it up and then gives her a thorough pussy pounding in their bedroom for all of us to see ! Thanks Guys !
Time: 15 min 22 sec
Download Size: 30.2 mb

Nathan & Brenda
"Solitare the Sex"

Nathan interrupts Brenda while she plays solitaire on the computer so that she will play some one on one with him instead. She gets it every which way from Nathan's huge rhino cock..
Time: 43 min 33 sec
Download Size: 99.6 mb